Meet The Team


Darrell Whiteaker

Owner – Operator

Darrell is a qualified licensed master plumber and has been since 2008. He has over 15 years of field experience in serving the KC Metro. He has installed plumbing systems on just about any type of structure you can think of. Always paying attention to detail and troubleshooting is his specialty. Darrell has plumbed anything from new school’s, restaurants and homes. He also enjoys playing music in his free time.

“I take pride in plumbing and it has been a very rewarding trade to learn.”Darrell Whiteaker

Lindsey Ramsey

Accounting – Billing – Office Management

Lindsey is a co-founder of Inception Plumbing and has a degree in business. She is currently teaching math at William Cristman High School in Independence Missouri and has done so for the past decade. Lindsey loves sports and is also the varsity softball coach for WCHS. Being a Chrisman Bear herself she was nominated as a Missouri All State player and later went on to play division I softball for UMKC. While at UMKC she accomplished many things. She gained her Masters in Administration, shared the field with our own US Olympic softball team and was inducted into the UMKC Hall of Fame. Read more on Lindsey’s hall of fame here

“It’s so exciting to be on the team here at Inception.”Lindsey Ramsey




Security – Food Inspector

Daisy has been with Inception Plumbing since 2014 and has not really accomplished much in that time. Since her inception she has probably caused upwards of $5000 in unnecessary damages. When she isn’t messing stuff up at work Daisy enjoys being crazy then lazy in her free time. Daisy also enjoys jumping up on people and getting up on the table and getting stuff that doesn’t belong to her..and chewing it up. Still to this day we have absolutely no idea why Daisy is on payroll.

“Things have really take off since Daisy started here at Inception!”said no one ever