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Henry Flores’s Bathroom Remodel

In October 2020, Schloegel Design Remodel asked us to be a part of this awesome bathroom give away. Henry Flores is an amazing little boy who already has overcome obstacles you and I couldn’t imagine! He was born without arms and legs. Even without them, Henry has adapted to every element of his life. Henry's old bathroom wasn't at all conducive to his needs. Everything was at standard heights and the shower had a rim with the door hardware which made stepping in and out difficult for Henry. Henry's mom said he often ended up using the restroom in the dark because he couldn't reach any of the switches. After our remodel with a few specialized bathroom features, the space is now fully accessible for him and he’ll be able gain independence with these new changes.

“We really had to be innovative on this project. Schloegel approached us on this project with the concept of an in-floor toilet. These types of toilets are typical overseas, but in the states not very prevalent. We actually ordered the toilet and after a week of waiting, it arrived damaged. This was one of those projects we felt we were never going to get started. Lucky, after doing some research, we found one of these specialty toilets here in the states. Once we received the toilet, we came up with a retrofit auto flushing system to ensure easy use. I would say it’s the first of its kind here in the states, and he loves it!”

~ Darrell Whiteaker, Owner of Inception Plumbing

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