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Leak Repair in Kansas City, MO, and Nearby Areas

Water Leak in Kansas City, MO, and the Surrounding Areas

Domestic water leaks can actually fly under the radar and go undetected unless you know exactly what to look for within your Kansas City, MO home. Did you know that having an unusually high water bill could be a sign of a water service leak? Or just noticing a soft spot on the lawn can raise a red flag and should be investigated. These types of leaks are the worst and can be hard to track down. Our trusted plumber in Kansas City, MO, and surrounding areas here at Inception Plumbing will always get to the bottom of your service leak with a cost-effective solution. Have Inception Plumbing solve your pipe leaks today in these locations and nearby areas:

Problematic Piping in Your Kansas City Home

The standard material used for piping home water systems has changed a lot over the decades. The industry has come a long way by creating better quality and more cost-effective products. Some of these new piping systems have worked well and some just didn’t make the cut. Below are a few that Inception Plumbing recommends you have your replacement. These materials not only have the potential to leak but can fail at any moment.

Galvanized Steel
Galvanized steel piping was once the standard material of choice for home water systems back in the 1920s. This type of piping is no longer used. These systems build up calcium deposits, which can restrict water flow and lead to lower water pressure. Over time, galvanized steel corrodes and rusts from the inside out, which can flake off into your water leaving it with a metallic taste. Galvanized steel has a life expectancy of 40 years until it should be replaced. Having hard water in your home usually speeds up the corrosion process. So, if you have galvanized piping in your home, be prepared for problems.

Another problematic type of piping used in homes is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. Better known as CPVC, this yellow plastic material was once used heavily in residential construction during the 1980s and ’90s. Although it is still an approved plumbing material used mainly for repairs, it is rarely accepted as the standard for homes today. Experience has shown that CPVC can become problematic over time. CPVC requires room for thermal expansion and if not installed properly it can burst from tension leaving your home with extensive damage. Even when CPVC is installed correctly, the glue joints have the potential to leak and the pipes can become brittle and crack at any time. Inception Plumbing always recommends for our customers to remove any CPVC material from their homes. It’s better to be safe than sorry and install a more stable system. Here is an informative video.

Polybutylene Piping
Polybutylene or Poly Pipe is another type of piping material you do not want to have in your home. This pipe was installed in the late ’70s up until the mid-’90s. Polybutylene is a grey pipe that is crimped together rather than using a sweat or glue joint. Problems can arise with the crimp fitting or the pipe itself. Oxidants that are found in our water supply have been linked to Polybutylene failure causing them to deteriorate from the inside out. This makes it difficult to assess the true amount of damage the pipe has endured. The poly pipe has 10-15 years before it begins to deteriorate, but there is no real sign to warn us that the pipe is becoming brittle and might soon flood our home. Some insurance companies refuse policies for homes with known Poly Piping problems. Home inspectors can’t really give you a reliable assessment of the condition of your poly piping and will typically recommend that you find a licensed plumber to further look into your system. This can make things difficult for a homeowner trying to put their home on the market.

Sewer Leaks

Do You Have A Sewage Leak?
When it comes to sewage leaks, you’ll want to get these buttoned up as soon as possible. Any type of sewage leak can quickly bring about unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Drain, Waste, and Vent systems (DWV) are specially designed to keep your home clean and healthy by moving raw sewage on its way. These systems are usually installed by a qualified plumber to ensure this.

Where Is That Smell Coming From?
Sewer leaks are not always in a liquid form. These leaks sometimes come in the form of gases. Sewer gas or methane gas can be unbearable to breathe and can be quite taxing on one’s health. Sometimes the presence of sewer gas can be intermittent and the smell will come and go. This can be quite frustrating and difficult to diagnose for a homeowner. Here at Inception Plumbing, we have specific techniques and procedures to pinpoint these types of problems. We can smoke test your home (as seen above) to precisely locate the source of your smell. Call Today!

Gas Leaks

Fuel Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can be quite scary and for good reasons. A fuel gas leak is extremely dangerous there is no doubting that, and having a licensed plumber fix it IS A MUST. City Inspectors take gas elimination and distribution very seriously. When it comes to fuel gases, propane and natural gas are the two big ones we work with. These are typically odorless in their natural state, so sulfur is added in to give it a very strong nasty smell. This strong odor is added for your protection. After sulfur is combined with gas, even the tiniest of leaks can be detected by a homeowner.

Do You Smell Gas?
If you smell gas, leave the premises immediately and call the gas company! This is always the safest thing to do. If they recommend any repairs or find any code violations then give Inception Plumbing a call.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is another dangerous gas that is a byproduct of fuel burning. This type of gas is poisonous and odorless. Carbon monoxide detectors are strongly recommended by Inception Plumbing. Carbon leaks typically only come from three main sources within your home: your furnace, water heater and gas dryer. If these appliances are fuel burning, such as natural gas or propane, they will also have what is called flue piping. Flue piping is used for exhausting carbon monoxide from these appliances safely out of the home. If flue piping is improperly installed or becomes damaged it can be fatal. Always remember, if you have flue pipes in your home that need maintenance or removed, make sure you have a qualified plumber do so.

Repiping Services

Should I Replace My Kansas City Piping?
Making a repair that can extend the life of a sound gas, waste or water plumbing system is typically the right choice. Even making more than one repair to your plumbing system can be justified if it has the potential to last. But sometimes we have to weigh the cost of multiple repairs to an old system versus just replacing it with a new one. The question is, will a repair or two fix the problem, or will you have to continue to patch things up? Most homeowners look to their plumbing contractors to help them make that decision. Inception Plumbing will always look at the big picture when entering a customer’s home. Give us a ring. If needed we can repipe your Kansas City gas, drain or water systems today!

Let Us Solve Your Kansas City, MO Pipes Today

From a drippy faucet to old galvanized piping, leaks just happen. Most leaks are caused by faulty fittings, excessive pressure or old outdated piping. Even a tiny leak can be quite costly in the long run and should not be ignored. Typically these issues can be addressed very easily and are relatively low-cost repairs. So remember, fixing a small leak can bring big savings. Our team at Inception Plumbing is always available to assist home and business owners with a wide range of high-quality plumbing services Kansas City, MO, and nearby areas. Contact us today!

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