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Water Filtration in Kansas City, MO, and the Surrounding Areas

Clean Water Is Essential To Life

When you turn on your faucet to get a drink of water, you shouldn’t have to worry whether or not it is safe for you and your family. We have enough going on in our day to day lives without having to be concerned about the drinking water coming into your Kansas City, MO home. At Inception Plumbing, we pride ourselves on making sure your drinking water is always meeting quality, health standards in order to keep you and your family safe.

Why Should I Consider A Water Filter?

Here in Kansas City, our water treatment facilitates work hard to ensure our potable water is safe. Keeping up with city water demands while maintaining the existing water system is a huge task. Our water travels long distances through pipes to get to our homes. This can increase the possibility of collecting sediments or other undesirable elements in our water supply. Other circumstances that can jeopardize our water are water main breaks or leaks. These are inevitable and have to be repaired by city workers and plumbing contractors alike. When this happens, it is nearly impossible to keep all debris from entering our water systems regardless of our efforts to do so (see below).

So Why Inception Plumbing?

First off, we care about our Kansas City customers’ safety and well being. Our plumber in Kansas City, MO, and surrounding areas know the importance of preventing cross-contamination of foreign materials into our domestic water supply. Cross-contamination control is a big part of a plumber’s job and we take this very seriously. I must admit, all of the world’s pollution and pesticide runoff that finds its way into our streams can be a bit scary. Having a good home water filter will put your mind at ease and keep your water clear. We offer quality services at reasonable costs in these locations and nearby areas:

Should I Filter My Whole Home?

If you’re contemplating on filtering your drinking water, you might as well consider filtering your whole Kansas City home. When doing so, your filtration system will supply clean water to all of your fixtures. Filtering your whole home is not only beneficial for daily consumption but is also great for your skin, plumbing fixtures and the air you breathe. The air you ask? Yes, your air! Most people don’t know that they not only drink chlorine on a daily basis but also breathe it in. When we shower the chlorine can actually dissipate into the air and throughout our home. A good home filter will eliminate chlorine along with other undesirables from your water. Small things like this can really help improve your health.

What Types Of Whole Home Water Filter Do I Need?

  • Sediment Filter
    These filters are designed to remove floating solids which are also known as sediments. These are basically larger pieces of debris coming in from your water supply. A sediment filter essentially functions like a net that catches unwanted dirt particles as your water flows through the system.
  • Carbon Filter
    A carbon filter will remove sediment as well but they also remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds, odors and foul tastes from the water. These filters contain activated carbon, which catches much finer particles than a sediment filter.
  • Multi-Stage Filter
    Multi-stage filtering systems will typically consist of a sediment and carbon unit together. We highly recommend this option because it will maximize the life of your carbon filter. Working separately, both sediment and carbon filters can be beneficial, but together you will maximum filtration throughout your Kansas City home.

RO Water Filtration

Another great option for filtering your Kansas City water would be to install a reverse osmosis system. These can be installed in addition to your whole house sediment or carbon filter. These filters are designed specifically for drinking water and are typically installed under your kitchen counter. Reverse osmosis systems kill up to 99% of all contaminates and will give you and your family a reason to kick that nasty water bottle habit to the curb.

HALO Water Filtration

Inception Plumbing also provides an array of water filtration systems from HALO. Regardless of your home’s water treatment requirements, we can provide a water solution from the esteemed brand that will fit your needs and budget. Some of the top filtration systems we offer are:

  • HALO Pure - A whole house filtration system that can address chlorine problems
  • HALO 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis - A system that features premium-grade pH balancer
  • HALO Ion - An inline water conditioner that can control hard water scale and corrosion

These and other HALO water filtration systems are available from Inception Plumbing.

Considering Having A Water Softener Installed?

Hard water can wreak havoc on your clothes, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and even your skin. It can affect your everyday life from cooking to cleaning and even damage the clothes you wear. The high mineral content of hard water can scale up just about anything in its path.

When Should I Install A Water Softener for My Kansas City Home?

Here is a list of signs that you are in need of a water softener:

  • Large amounts of soap scum buildup
  • Spotty or foggy dishes
  • Slow running faucets
  • Itchy, dry or flaky skin
  • Low water pressure
  • White or green mineral build-up on fixtures
  • Faded, scratchy, or dingy clothes

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is the presence of minerals in our domestic water systems, especially here in the greater Kansas City area. As rainwater falls, it is naturally soft. However, as water makes its way through the ground and into our waterways, it picks up minerals like chalk or lime but mostly calcium and magnesium. Then, these minerals make their way into our homes via piping systems. Hard water is actually very common in the United States, affecting more than 85% of our country’s water. Are these elements bad for your health? Not necessarily, but they do naturally want to make themselves at home as deposits in your pipes, fixtures, appliances and so on, which can result in any of the symptoms listed out above. If left untreated, hard water can actually block your lines completely. So, if you are experiencing any of those hard water signs, you should have Inception Plumbing come take a look.

Clean Water Is On Its Way!

Ready to take that next step and get a water filter but not sure what to pick out? Stop spending unnecessary money and contributing to the water bottle madness that was yesterday’s fad. Help clean up the environment by cleaning up your water filter. Inception Plumbing provides a wide range of high-quality plumbing services Kansas City, MO, and nearby areas. We have the experience to guide you in making the right decision that fits your budget. Having some type of water filtration in your home is better than nothing at all. Remember, if you don’t have a filter then you are the filter. Contact us today by giving us a call or filling out the online form and schedule your appointment with Inception Plumbing.

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