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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Plumbing Fixtures?

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Over time, our plumbing fixtures can out last their look, become tarnished and just not visually appealing anymore. With all of the advancements in technology, plumbing manufactures are now offering more low water consumption fixtures that are not only beautiful, but also great for the environment. If you’re ready to have a more modern look and feel throughout your home, remember, It Starts Here! Inception Plumbing only uses the best products on the market by dealing with our trusted suppliers and steering clear of local home centers, who’s main focus is quantity not quality. So let Inception bring your kitchen or bathroom alive. Let us help you create a masterpiece!

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Can I Purchase My Own Faucet, Sink, Toilet Or Tub?

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Yes, of course you can purchase your own fixtures if you feel comfortable doing so. Online manufacture websites have great tools for walking consumers through the purchasing process. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, you can contact Inception. A trained technician can come to your home, give you some options and then gather your items through our supplier. The benefit of having Inception supply your plumbing fixtures, is that we can help you take care of any possible defects down that road that could arise from the manufacture. If you do decide to purchase your own plumbing fixtures, below are a few purchasing tips and recommendations of products you should consider.

  • Know Your Dimensions

    When purchasing a new vanity, tub or shower make sure you know your existing measurements. Also, check and make sure your new items will fit through the door. Trust me, we've learned this one the hard way.

  • Don't Go Cheap

    I can't stress this one enough. If your going to replace you're plumbing fixtures try and buy solid brass if at all possible. Going with the cheapest faucet could land you with a plastic body that is more susceptible to tarnish from house hold abrasive cleaners.

  • Match Your Finish

    When selecting new plumbing fixtures, be sure and take into consideration the over all big picture. Pick a finish that will carry throughout the space. Plumbing fixtures come in all kinds of finishes from brushed nickel to brushed just about anything you can think of. So just be thinking ahead.

Fixture Problems Be Gone!

Between the kitchen and the bathroom, we spend a lot of our time using plumbing fixtures in our day to day lives.  These fixtures can break or just become outright aesthetically unpleasing. Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with a fixture that is not working properly.  Some people go years without fixing that wiggly toilet seat or a faucet that doesn’t spray correctly.  Stop procrastinating!  Call Inception today and get it replaced, or at the very least, repaired.