Water Filtration

Clean Water Is Essential To Life

When you turn on your faucet to get a drink of water, you shouldn’t have to worry whether or not it is safe for you and your family. We have enough going on in our day to day lives without having to be concerned about our drinking water. Safe water should be a given.

glass of water

Why Should I Consider A Water Filter?

Here in the United States our water treatment facilitates work hard to ensure our potable water is safe. Keeping up with city water demands while maintaining the existing water system is a huge task. Our water travels long distances through pipes to get to our homes. This can increase the possibility of collecting sediments or other undesirable elements in our water supply. Other circumstances that can jeopardize our water are water main breaks or leaks. These are inevitable and have to be repaired by city workers and plumbing contractors alike. When this happens, it is nearly impossible to keep all debris from entering our water systems regardless of our efforts to do so (see below).

Photo courtesy of the Portland Water District Water district employees unearthed this section of pipe that ruptured Wednesday on Somerset Street, affecting thousands of homes and businesses and resulting in a widespread boil-water order. The 100-year-old water main, made of cast iron, is part of the district's aging infrastructure, sections of which are replaced as resources allow.

So Why Inception?

First off, we care about our customers’ safety and well being. Inception knows the importance of preventing cross contamination of foreign materials into our domestic water supply. Cross contamination control is a big part of a plumber’s job and we take this very seriously. I must admit, all of the world’s pollution and pesticide run off that finds its way into our steams can be a bit scary. Having a good home water filter will put your mind at ease and keep your water clear.

Clean Water Is On It’s Way!

Ready to take that next step and get a water filter but not sure what to pick out? Stop spending unnecessary money and contributing to the water bottle madness that was yesterday’s fad. Help clean up the environment by cleaning up your water. Inception has the experience to guide you in making the right decision that fits your budget. Having some type of filtration in your home is better than nothing at all. Remember, if you don’t have a filter then you are the filter.