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Toilet Replacement in Kansas City, MO

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There will come a time when you will need to replace your toilet, and it can seem like a pretty daunting task. When that time comes, consult the experts at Inception Plumbing, and we can help you with any problem, big or small. Our highly trained, professional technicians exactly the team you can trust when you need toilet replacement in Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas.

When Do You Need Your Toilet Replaced in Kansas City, MO?

At Inception Plumbing, we take the time to discuss with our customers what they need to look out for to make sure their plumbing fixtures are in peak condition. First, you will need to be aware of the tell-tale signs indicating you need to have your toilet replaced.


Finding puddles around your toilet could indicate something more than a simple leak. It could point to a crack or two in the tank, which will require a replacement. On the other hand, if you’re finding puddles around the toilet but all seems to be working as it should be, this could be an indication that the bowl itself has become cracked.

Old Toilet

Despite how well it may seem from your perspective, having the same toilet for many years makes it ripe for a replacement. Keep in mind that modern toilets are much more efficient, allowing you to potentially save significant amounts of money on your water bills. Newer toilets also offer more innovative features, giving you the option to use less water for liquid waste than the full amount required for solid waste. Since 1994, federal law requires that any toilet manufactured and sold in the United States to use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. If your toilet is older than that, then it may be time to have a new one installed.

Constant Repairs

If you’re having to get your plumber and spending too much on costly repairs, then it's probably worth thinking about a replacement. The long-term benefits of having a new toilet simply outweigh the short-term advantages offered by quick repairs.

Our Efficient Toilet Replacement Process

Our hard-working and expertly trained technicians are skilled at replacing toilets, and the whole process isn’t as difficult or as complicated as it may seem. We will start by disconnecting your water supply from your toilet, either locally or at the main, and empty any water still in the toilet. Next, any fittings keeping the toilet in place will be removed, and we will take out the current toilet from its position and remove it safely from your home.

When it comes to preparing the new toilet, we will assemble it properly to make sure that there are no leaks. Usually, our technicians will leave a few gallons of water in the cistern for an hour or so before checking the seals and positioning the toilet into its final position and be connected to the water supply.

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Is it time you replaced your toilet? When it comes to toilet replacement in Kansas City, MO, and the neighboring areas, Inception Plumbing can help. Give us a call today or fill out our form to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate.

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