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Sump Pump Services

Professional Sump Pump Services in Kansas City, MO

For any concerns involving your sump pump, Inception Plumbing is the professional plumbing company that you can trust. Our team has vast experience working on sump pump services in Kansas City, MO, and is highly skilled at all tasks related to residential sump pumps. We’re standing by to serve you wherever you’re located in the greater Kansas City area.

Functions and Benefits of Sump Pumps

A sump is a basin or trench at the lowest point of the lowest level of a structure that collects condensation, groundwater seepage, and other moisture. A sump pump is a small pump that removes the accumulated water from the sump. Sump pumps are equipped with a float or timer that periodically activates the pump so that it can remove the water from the sump. When the pump has removed the standing water, it cuts off until the water level rises again.

Sump pumps are beneficial in areas with high water tables and in properties that are located on sites that do not allow water to drain away from the foundation. An adequately operated sump pump prevents flooding that might otherwise cause damage to the property.

Signs of Sump Pump Problems

Like all mechanical devices, sump pumps are made up of moving parts that will eventually wear out. A pump that’s forced to operate for long periods of time during a flood may burn out due to overuse. A pump’s float or timer may fail, or the internal workings of the pump itself may become damaged and may no longer be able to push water from the sump. The drainage line that carries water away from the pump can also develop a leak or become damaged at some point along its length. If not properly insulated, the drainage line or pump can freeze in very cold weather.

The first sign of a sump pump issue is usually a rising water level in the sump or flooding around the sump area. Other indicators of a problem include a pump that runs continuously or a pump that doesn’t cut on even when the water levels in the sump start to rise.

Sump Pump Services

At Inception Plumbing, we have experience repairing and maintaining an array of sump pump brands and types. We’ll spend time fully diagnosing the problem with your faulty sump pump in order to provide you with an upfront estimate. We’ll also take steps to remove any standing water in and around the sump to prevent further damage to your property. If sump pump replacement is required, we’ll go over all the available options with you, and we’ll provide you with details on the sump pump backup system, to head off any future problems.

In addition to sump pump maintenance, repair, and replacement, we’re fully qualified to provide sump pump installation at properties that are currently under construction.

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