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Sump Pump Services

Top-Notch Sump Pump Services in Leawood, KS

Your plumber should provide information that will help you understand how important a sump pump is to their place of dwelling. That is why Inception Plumbing offers sump pump services in Leawood, KS, and nearby areas to customers who are living in areas where water can easily get into their homes through the basements. If water does not seem to be subsiding, it may be time to get a sump pump replacement and backup system in place to prevent this from happening again.

Functions and Benefits of Sump Pumps

The purpose of having a sump pump is to keep water out of the lower areas of the house. It pumps the water up, out, and away from the home into a storm drain where it won’t cause an issue. The major benefit of having a sump pump installed in a pit or basin below your basement floor is to protect your major appliances (water heater & furnace) from being submerged by stormwater during a rainstorm. Sump pumps also protect your finished basement. Keeping moisture down is very important with finished walls and flooring. Mold is a huge problem if a house gets flooded. A small sump pump can prevent huge problems. A flood can be quite expensive even with homeowners' insurance. Having a sump pump and a sump pump backup system will resolve this problem altogether. If for whatever reason the sump pump stops working, the handy backup system will kick in to do the job.

Signs of Sump Pump Problems

If a sump pump is making unusual noises, there could be a failed bearing or damage to the impeller. This could cause it to vibrate as well. Damage to the impeller can be caused by hard particles getting caught in the pump while discharging. Another sign that the sump is losing life, is when it is operating frequently. The float mechanism could be a problem if the sump is running constantly. Constantly operating can also be a sign of the wrong horsepower for the basement usage. Always be sure to keep your eye on the float to ensure it is never stuck open. Getting stuck or power outages can definitely result in bigger problems. To be safe, always consider installing a new one if it’s over seven years of age. Have a reliable plumbing company in Leawood, KS on it. We specialize in sump pump installation that comes at a reasonable cost.

Our Range of Sump Pump Services

We offer a wide variety of sump pump services that are sure to address your pump needs effectively. If your sump pump is not working correctly, feel free to let our team handle the issue. Inception Plumbing will come out to get the necessary repairs done and have the sump pump fully functional again. We will change the filter or clean out the motor if there are signs of too much sediment building up. If we find that it’s not going to work altogether, then we will recommend a replacement.

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