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Let an experienced plumber in Lee's Summit, MO, and nearby areas from Inception Plumbing take care of all your plumbing needs. Our team offers a wide array of services to local residents, and we look forward to counting you as yet another satisfied customer.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

Here is a look at our full set of plumbing services in the local area:

  • Whether you need water heater installation, water heater maintenance, or water heater repair, you can trust our water heater services to get the job done.

  • Providing sump pump services is just one of our many specializations. We handle sump pump installation, sump pump replacement, and sump pump maintenance. In addition, we can even install and set up a suitable sump pump backup system at your request.

  • General Plumbing

    We’re pleased to furnish a full range of general plumbing services including plumbing installation, plumbing repairs and plumbing maintenance on properties of all ages.

  • Our plumbing company in Lee's Summit, MO is available to provide appliance installation for major household appliances, and we’re highly familiar with all national appliance brands. If you bought it, we can install it.

  • If backflow is an issue at your property, our plumbing professionals are the best choice to install a backwater valve to prevent this unsafe, unsanitary problem from occurring in your home or place of business.

  • If you’re planning a home remodeling project that involves plumbing work, our team is ready, willing and able to handle the job.

  • When you turn to us for professional drain cleaning, you can be certain that we’ll address the problematic drain with minimal disruption to your household and property.

  • We offer hydro jetting services to remove compacted debris from backed up sewer lines and restore normal usage in the shortest possible time. Inception Plumbing will make sure that you can have clog-free drains and pipes again.

  • These can be a homeowner’s nightmare, but our team is equipped to thaw them out and handle any repairs that are needed to get things flowing smoothly once again.

  • If you require new garbage disposal or your existing disposal is on its last leg, the crew at Inception Plumbing is here to provide the right solution for you.

  • Even minor plumbing leaks can cause extensive damage, so get in touch with us at the first sign of a leak. We’ll furnish fast, professional repairs using parts and components that are compatible with your existing plumbing system.

  • You can trust us to install quality plumbing fixtures in your new or newly remodeled home. We’ll help select fixtures to suit your tastes and budget, and we’ll furnish attentive workmanship and great service.

  • If your residential water pressure is just too high, rely on the team at Inception Plumbing to provide a pressure reduction valve to take care of the problem once and for all.

  • Whether your property needs repiping due to the age or the condition of your plumbing, you can count on our crew to manage the work efficiently. We’ll disturb your property as little as possible, and we’ll fully clean up after the job is done. 

  • Replacing a broken toilet is a task that’s best left to professionals. Our crew has extensive experience updating toilets and other plumbing fixtures quickly and with minimal hassle.

  • Hard or bad-tasting water will be a thing of the past with a new water filtration system from Inception Plumbing. We’re prepared to install a system that ensures a ready supply of fresh, clean water at your sink or throughout your home.

  • Whenever you are dealing with cracks or other significant pipe issues, count on our team to provide you with trenchless pipe lining. This minimally invasive sewer repair technique will help you avoid the mess as well as the downtime associated with traditional excavation. Our team will insert a coated liner into the damaged pipe to create a pipe within once it cures and hardens.

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