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Work with a plumber in Lenexa, KS from Inception Plumbing when it comes to your clogged drain, broken hot water heater, or any plumbing repairs. We are well-versed in addressing all kinds of common and even major problems. Our team can find solutions at a reasonable cost to meet your needs.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services in Lenexa, KS

Rely on our plumbing company in Lenexa, KS, and in the local area. Rest assured that we will fix the issue promptly and effectively. We can also take care of your plumbing needs including:

  • General Plumbing

    We offer a wide array of reliable solutions including plumbing repairs to your everyday plumbing needs so that you can react to problems before they become bigger issues.

  • We rely on water heaters to keep hot water on the ready at all times, so work with us if you need water heater repair, water heater maintenance, water heater installation or any other type of water heater service.

  • Your sump pump prevents groundwater from entering your home, so keeping it in good shape is key. Contact us if you need sump pump services including sump pump installation, sump pump maintenance, sump pump replacement, or help with the installation of a sump pump backup system.

  • Installing appliances sometimes requires a plumber's help. We can install dishwashers, washer and dryer set, gas stoves, water heaters and much more.

  • We can help you install and maintain backwater valves that help prevent sewage from backing up into your home.

  • When you're remodeling your home, you may find that you need to engage the services of a plumber. Call us so that we can help you with everything from installing a walk-in shower to adding an extra sink in your kitchen. We work with some of the best remodeling companies in the KC Metro, and we can guide you in the right direction.

  • The best way to prevent drain clogs and backups is to have a regular drain cleaning. We can help keep your pipes running smoothly so that clogs are less likely to build up over time. If your drain is already clogged up, we can flush it out and get it up and running again.

  • Let our team power away clogs with our special hydro jetting equipment.

  • This problem can wreak havoc on your home, causing damage to the pipes or floods. We'll help ensure that your pipes don't get frozen in the first place.

  • Improperly used garbage disposals can also cause clogs and backups. We can install the latest and greatest garbage disposals on the market, or we can simply repair your existing garbage disposal. While we are there, we will educate you on the best way to maintain your garbage disposal.

  • We can find the most difficult-to-locate leaks so that they can be repaired quickly and efficiently before they cause serious damage to your home.

  • Your plumbing fixtures won't last forever. When they've finally bit the dust, we can help you replace them with high-quality fixtures that look good and save water.

  • We will make sure that the water pressure flowing through your home is properly balanced by installing and maintaining a pressure-reducing valve which will protect the life of your fixtures. 

  • We can handle all of your repiping needs whether you only need one section of piping replaced or a complete plumbing system replacement.

  • We can replace your existing toilet with a new more efficient model or install completely new toilets for your latest remodel project.

  • Having fresh water on demand will help keep your family healthy. We can install a water filtration system so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you have the purest water available through your home faucets and fixtures. 

  • Rely on the team that provides a minimally invasive sewer repair method. When dealing with cracks or other significant pipe issues, let us help you avoid the mess as well as the downtime that comes with traditional excavation methods. Here, we will insert a coated liner into the damaged pipe. Once it cures, it will create a pipe within a pipe, assuring you of an efficient solution to pipe damage.

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Call Inception Plumbing today at (816) 919-1010 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment if you're looking for a plumbing company that will provide you with plumbing services like plumbing repairs and anything else that comes up. We look forward to hearing from you. We serve Lenexa, KS, and nearby areas.

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At Inception Plumbing, we are eager to work with you in order to solve your plumbing problems, assist you with plumbing maintenance, or install new plumbing features to your Kansas City, MO property. Schedule an appointment with our team by calling us at (816) 919-1010 or via email at You may also use the online contact form to reach out to us.