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Sump Pump Services

Our Sump Pump Services in Prairie Village, KS

Homeowners rely on a professional plumbing company for their sump pumps to make sure that they’re in good shape. After all, no one wants to get caught in a rainstorm where it fails to pump the water out of the basement and eventually gets into the rest of the house. Inception Plumbing recognizes that routine sump pump maintenance is important, and there should also be a backup system in place in the event the main pump fails to operate. Should the homeowner choose this route, we are ready and able to install it for them right when they call.

Functions and Benefits of Sump Pumps

The function of a sump pump is quite simple. They are installed in the basement of homes that are built in areas that have the potential to flood. Sump pumps pump water out of the basement when it finds its way in and sends it into a direction of a storm drain where it’s no longer a problem. The benefit of having such a device is it will help protect your finished basement and belongings. During heavy rainstorms, water can migrate down your foundation and into your basement. Having the sump pump with the battery backup system will ensure that your basement stays dry during a time of need.

Signs of Sump Pump Problems

There are a few different issues that can happen with your sump pump setup. One issue is that it is constantly running. If you hear your sump pump constantly running, it is being overwhelmed by the amount of water entering the pit. This could mean that the wrong sump pump was initially installed and you need a higher horsepower. Another issue is having a stuck float. The float is on the side of the sump pump and when the water rises it allows it to activate the switch to turn it on. These can sometimes be seized up or stuck due to debris or buildup. The floats can also fail internally. The sump pump discharges can become frozen or clogged too. A blocked discharge pipe can be a big issue. Having a licensed plumber look at these things can ensure that you are in full operation and good to go.

Our Range of Sump Pump Services

We have a variety of sump pump services in Prairie Village, KS, that our customers can depend on at all times. They include:

  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Sump Pump Maintenance
  • Sump Pump Backup System
  • Sump Pump Replacement

If you have never been informed about a sump pump installation, we will come out to access your situation and help you choose a sump pump option that is best for your home. In addition, we provide sump pump maintenance to make sure that it is working properly as it should. Having a sump pump backup system is important if there is the worry that the one that may have come with the home may not function when it’s needed. Should that happen, call us to come out to do a sump pump replacement.

We also offer the following services:

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