Terms & Conditions

Below you will find links that will provide you, the client, with important information in regards to any contracted agreement you might have with Inception Plumbing. These links will allow you to view, download or print our terms and conditions for your personal records. If you have any trouble accessing these, if requested, an Inception representative will be glad to send you a paper copy via email or mail. These terms & conditions are put in place to avoid later disputes, or confusion over what is and isn’t to be provided by Inception Plumbing, for you the client, as well as what is expected from you the client for Inception. It is always advisable for both parties to be very clear as to the details and vagueness in the specification is more likely to result in a dispute. Hey and believe me, a dispute is last thing we want here at Inception. We value you as a customer and believe strongly in being transparent as possible. Thanks for choosing Inception!