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The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

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Your home’s water heater does its job day in and day out. You depend on it for bathing, cleaning, washing, and cooking. Routine maintenance by a plumber in Kansas City, MO can keep it running with few problems. The team here at Inception Plumbing want you to understand the importance of water heater maintenance.

Prevents Tank Corrosion

A common reason for water heater replacement in Kansas City, MO is tank corrosion. It often happens when sediment settles into the bottom of the tank. This causes the tank to rust out and eventually to burst. Flushing sediment out of the tank is part of normal water heater maintenance in Kansas City, MO.

Improves the Efficiency of the Water Heater

Sediment at the bottom of the tank can slow down the water heater’s ability to bring the fluid up to temperature. Routine flushing can keep the water heater working efficiently. Limescale can build up on electric heating elements, preventing them from warming the water efficiently. This can lead to higher electric bills and a lack of hot water.

Annual maintenance of the gas burner also keeps it running efficiently. If the gas burner isn’t using fuel efficiently, your gas bills will go up.

Prolongs the Life of the Water Heater

When we get called to do a new water heater installation in Kansas City, MO, we investigate to see what happened with the old unit. Quite often, it failed due to poor or nonexistent maintenance.

Failing to flush the system, adjust the burners, replace the anode rod, and check for faulty wiring will shorten the life of any water heater. You will also pay more for frequent water heater repair in Kansas City, MO if you don’t maintain the system. Simple annual maintenance can save you time, money, and hassle.

Contact Inception Plumbing today if you need reliable water heater services in Kansas City, MO. We look forward to meeting your hot water needs or any other plumbing concern.

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